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Prusik Peak

At the heart of The Enchantments, Prusik Peak is located high in the alpine of Leavenworth Washington. Known for its alpine rock climbs, the peak also boasts the title for one of the most photographed scenes by thru hikers and climbers alike.

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Colchuck Lake

Set underneath the granite slabs of Dragontail Peak, the contrast between the lake's piercing blue waters and the surrounding rock formations make Colchuck Lake one of the most sought after hikes in Washington. As you enjoy the scenic views, you may pehaps also see hikers heading up Aasgard Pass into the core Enchantment zone or climbers scaling the surrounding granite.

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Saddle Rock- Two Bears

Saddle Rock is the current name of the rock formation that towers over the city of Wenatchee, Washington. The formation was namedTwo Bearsby the Wenatchi Tribe of the P'squosa Native Americans and is based on the tribal tale of ml̓x̌aƛ (black bear) and štǝm̓tám̓ǝl (grizzly bear). The two bears were constantly quarreling and šǝmyáw (coyote) became tired of them fighting, so he turned them both into stone.

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